Climate & Vulnerability Maps

Explore the climate patterns and vulnerability of Asia’s high mountain ranges

Adaptation Atlas

Discover example adaptation measures, from water security to improving adaptive capacity throughout Asia’s high mountains.

Guardians of the Headwaters

Follow snow Leopards—and the communities they cross—on a shared journey of survival in the face of climate change and other threats.

A knowledge sharing platform for conservation and climate practitioners working at the intersection between climate change adaptation, snow leopard conservation, and water security in “Third Pole” of Asia’s high mountains, where more freshwater is stored in snow and ice than anywhere in the world other than the poles.

Reports and Data

Download the two reports and associated data used to create the maps above.

Snow Leopards, water Provision, and Climate Vulnerability: Maps and Analysis

Download the map book exploring the connections between snow leopards, water, and climate change.

Climate Vulnerability in Asia’s High Mountains

Download the report reviewing the peer-reviewed science on glacial melt, climate change impacts, and vulnerability in high Asia

Data Repository

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